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    • Virtual Currency (Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin)

      In the simplest way possible, If I buy Bitcoin for $1000 and held it, Lets say it became $2000. Lets say that I sold back $1000 back to FIAT and transferred it back to my Bank. So now I have $1k in BTC and $1k in Fiat. Is the $1K I sold considered taxable?

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    • What will be the tax impact on balance amount paid as home l

      I had booked a flat in October 2012 and taken a home loan from a bank. The property is under construction till date and it will be completed by March 2019. I am paying EMI for the same. If I surrender the flat and take my money back along with home loan interest I paid from the builder and disburse my loan account, what will be tax impact on balance amount?

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    • Is capital gain tax exempted from sale of unregistered apart

      My friend has booked one apartment in year 2012 and the construction is still going on. It will be completed by January 2018. He has not registered this apartment and will be doing the same in January 2018. He has taken home loan for this apartment in 2011 itself and now he is planning to sell one ground (plot) now and pay this amount for home loan. Will the capital gain tax exempted for this sale amount or will he have to pay the tax? If he is required to pay the tax, are there any other options like bonds to invest and avoid the tax?

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    • Refund indexation benifits for gold etf

      I am NRI. I have sold GOLD ETF. TDS was deducted at 23.64 % by PMS account. For GOLD ETF what is tax rate? Is it 20% with indexation? In my case TDS was deducted without consideration of indexation. How can I get refund for it?

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    • Whether any sort of Income Tax accrues or not?

      I got a property (our dwelling house at my home-town) from my father in the year 2007. Now I want to transfer it again to my father through a Gift-deed and subsequently my father will transfer it to one of my Uncles through a Gift-deed with in 7 days after receiving it from me. Now I want to ask you whether this whole procedure attracts any sort of Income-Tax or not? Does Capital Gains Tax is applicable here in both the transfers? Also please tell if any tax accrues in case my father and my uncles transfer a different property to me through Gift-deed along with the above transfer at the same moment?

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    • Short Term Capital Gains from Foreign stocks for AY 2017-18

      For Capital Gains arising from selling Foreign stocks (purchased through ESPP) – (1) Which column of ITR-2 should be used? (2) I assume the purchase price should be the market price at the time of purchase (and not the actual price which is discounted) because perquisite tax is already paid corresponding to the market price. Is this assumption right? If no, then what should be the purchase price? (3) The market price considered for perquisite used “x” conversion ratio from, say USD to INR. But at time of selling, “y” ratio was considered for to total sale amount. Should we pay tax on additional gain due to change in currency conversion rate?

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    • Perquisite income from RSU and income tax

      My employer has shown the perquisite income from stocks (RSU) as part of my Form16. This covers all the vested stocks for the year and is getting taxed along with my regular salary. I have sold some stocks during this year, do I need to show that as part of any capital gains since the employer has already cut the tax as perquisite

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    • Capital Gain Tax in ITR-2 for AY 2017-18

      If I have made a capital gain of Rs one lakh in selling a property,which columns are to be filled in ITR -2 form and how much to be shown?? Where in the form 20 % tax is to be shown? -I have Gross total income on Pension,so Is the 20 % tax is to be added to:Gross Total income or to the final tax calculated on pension.Lets say P is the Tax liability calculated on pension on a gross pension of “G”.Then how and where the form is to be filled up for capital gain Tax????

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    • Gains from share trading for salaried proffesional

      I am a salaried professional and i have gains from shares trading which i bought in January 2016 and sold shares on April 2017.if i am correct it falls on Long term capital gains (kindly confirm). If so, how that gain amount of Rs 5000 will be taxed? If not in capital gains how it will be taxed. If i do not need or need to pay Tax for that specific income do i need to mention that in ITR?

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    • Calculating short term, speculative and f/o income tax.


      A person has a source of professional income.

      He makes some money in short term and speculative trading, but looses money in Futures and Options.

      Charges incurred during the process:
      a) Brokerage on sale and purchase.
      b) Service Tax on brokerage.
      c) STT.
      d) Stamp Duty
      e) Other charges( Sebi turnover charges etc)
      f) Demat Charges.
      g) Interest on margin trading.

      My question are:
      1)which items from the above can be deducted from the trading income. I understand STT is not deductable, what about others. Specially the interest paid is a huge amount which turns all the trades into a loss.
      2) Can the F/Q loss be carried forward? If not, can it be crossed with some other income?

      Please provide relevant sections if you know them.

      Thank you.

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    • Tax norms on Gratuity (case 4 years & 240 days.)

      Hi Sir,

      I have query regarding income tax norms on gratuity.

      I worked for a IT company around 4.10 years,then I switch to other company. Now, as part of FFS with previous company , I got my gratuity amount as per gratuity norms.(4 years & 240 days.)

      Here, Company deducted income tax on credited gratuity amount and they told me that” I have served below five year ,hence Gratuity amount is taxable”.

      Is gratuity amount taxable in above case ? It not then please let me know “what shall i do “?


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    • Capital Gain on Foreign exchange Bonds sold

      Hello, I just wanted to know I have purchased bonds in foreign currency when I was in USA. Now I am a resident Indian. I have sold that Bond in 16-17 but I have not repatriate foreign currency in India. I just want to know whether I will liable for Capital Gain. I have purchased that Bonds three years back.I also inform you that from selling amt I have also reinvested some amount in Bonds. For Eg If I have sold 100 US$ bonds then I have invested 90$ and remaining 10$ is net proceed but not repatriate in India. Whether these amt is liable for capital gain as fluctuation of foreign currency.

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    • Short term capital gain for tax calculation

      Hi, I have purchased a share of X company via delivery option (STT paid) at 10 Rupees and then sold the share X after holding for few days/ months with in the same financial year for 12 Rupees. I re invisted 12 Rupees in share of Y company delivery option(STT paid) and I still hold the share in my DMAT.Should I pay income tax on the capital gain of 2 rupees ( 12-10) even though I hold share Y which I purchased with the profit I have made from the sale of share X.

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    • Can LTCG be availed if equity is sold in the next FY rather

      I understand that LTCG can be availed for certain investments (such as equity, traded bonds etc) after completion of 12 months. Instead of completing 12 months, can LTCG be availed if the investments are sold in the next financial year. For instance, if the equity is bought in January 2017 and sold in May 2017 (next financial year), can one avail of LTCG?

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