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    • Tax refund for investment in Feb & March

      I have invested in ELSS. The company I am currently working on required me to submit my investment proofs by 31/Jan/2017. I received my salary with TDS taking into account investments till Jan. But, since its a monthly SIP, for months of Feb and March also the investment was done. How do i claim tax deducted for those?

      Profile photo of Rajat Singla Asked By: Rajat Singla 2 replies 1 helpful answers Last Updated: 9 hours, 52 minutes ago
    • How can i show Conveyance allowance and Car loan for deducti

      I’m a doctor by profession and practising since mid 2015 and i receive form 16A. I have submitted by IT 2015/16 via H&R Block. I learn that conveyance allowance and car loans could bring IT exemptions/deductions. How do i provide its proof while submitting for year 2017/18. I have kept all my petrol bills and car loan certificate during Aug 2016- May 2017. Please tell these exemptions are allowed under which sections (like 80C,80D, etc).

      Profile photo of DR TONY JOSEPH Asked By: DR TONY JOSEPH 2 replies 0 helpful answers Last Updated: 1 week, 2 days ago
    • Deduction on health insurance of husband

      Dear sir, I and my wife are govt employee. She buy a health insurance policy and pay 15200rs as premium. but company issued health insurance on my name because my age is more then my wife. Please tell me can she claim deduction us sec 80(d).

      Asked By: Anonymous 2 replies 0 helpful answers Last Updated: 1 week, 3 days ago
    • Claim u/s 80D for non salaried individuals.

      Iam 56 yrs non-salaried individual with earning from 1 house property, FD’s and investment income, with no medical insurance. How much dedeuctions is allowed for me. I have paid most of medical expenses through cash and sometime by debit card.

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    • Tax deduction for NRI returning India after 8 months

      My wife stayed in Sweden for 8 months and returned to India in December 2016. She has paid tax for 8 months in Sweden.Now for 4 months stay in India until March 2017, her employer have deducted 60k as income tax.Her taxable income is 5lakh per annum. Is this right? Or we may get back the money when she files itrv?

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