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    • Medical , home renovation Claim Exemption

      I have my parent’s medical bills which I did not claim in my Office . Can I claim that amount (This includes diagnose report charges ) . I also took personal loan to for home renovation (I already have Home Load) ,in this case can I claim the personal loan interest .

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    • house loan percentage exemption on principal &interest p

      I & my 2sons took joint house loan,registered onall the three names.I alone pay EMI.CAN i get tax exemtion on the entire amount paid during the year or only 1/3 of it.as both my sons are not availing exemption on this.What percentage of Principal&interest amt is exempt from taxable Amt.Thanks

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    • Fuel and maintenance benefits after 2018 budget

      Hi, Now that there is no conveyance allowance in income tax, how will be fuel and maintenance will be taxed? Before if I opted for fuel and maintenance reimbursement, conveyance allowance was taxable (Rs 19200), now there is standard deduction of 40000Rs, and conveyance allowance is not there. Now what is the tax applicable? Please let me know

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    • Is stipend received during post graduation studies taxable?

      During medical post graduation studies as doctor, students get stipend to meet their expenses incurred for study period like books, tution fees etc. Is it considered as scholarship? Currently the stipend amounts for nearly 45000/-Rs per month. So does this income from stipend is taxable? If not do we need to file ITR, as total income is more than minimum tax free income & ask for exemption?

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    • Relief from Section 234C for Govt employee

      I am a Central govt employee total TDS ₹257000 by IPAS System.Till Dec17 my TDS was ₹168000.I have received pay arrears Rs 217000 in Jan18 therefore TDS deducted by system is Rs 89000 from Jan2018.Now I will imposed for penalties under section 234c. How can I get rebate from section 234C

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