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    • Tax returns – Out of india for few month

      Hi, I was onsite deported to Sweden from August 2016 to May 2017. In this period my india salary was credited in my bank account and my tax was deducted. Am I eligible for tax refund for this period as I am not in India. please suggest

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    • Query regarding exemption on gratuity fy

      Hi Team, I have query regarding exemption on gratuity while filing tax return for this year. I have worked in private sector for 5 yrs and hence was eligible and received gratuity but the issue is that I am not sure if that amount can be eligible for exemption and under what section and how much? Also I am not retired but have resigned and am working for other organisation now.can be you please help me in clearing mentioned doubt please? Under what section and how that is calculated and if some other formalities are required for the same. Let me know if you need any further clarification on this. Thanks!!

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    • How is HRA exemption calculated? require help

      I need to know how to calculate the annual HRA exemption if I receive Rs 10,00,000 as HRA in my salary? I need to know if rent receipts are enough as a proof to claim HRA exemption or I need any other proof. Also are there any other rules to be remembered. I pay a rent of Rs 60,000 per month.

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    • Tax rebate for mentally ill elder brother.

      My elder brother aged 35 is a mentally ill certified as 60% disability with permanent disability, suffering from schizophrenia. I am taking care of his financial and medical requirements. But my father is retired employee of BSNL.He is getting 12,800 Rs.as pension. So can I claim tax benefit for my elder brother. My father is not getting any tax benefits. I am a central government employee aged 32.I am confused about my brother’s dependent status.

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    • NPS

      My employer(government) deducted 90000 rs for NPS as 10% n contributed the same amount..
      Can I claim 40k in 80c and 50 k in 80ccd 1b and doing 1.1 lac more investment in 80c totalling 2 lakh benefit???

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    • National Savings Certificate with post office

      I had few NSC deposits with post office, which matured in Sept 2016.
      I received income total income of Rs 50,000 including principal amount.
      I would like to know is this Rs 50k taxable income? I have received income tax exemption in the year I purchased these NSC.

      Also please clarify has the post office already deducted tax on Rs 50k?
      If yes then will I get TDS certificate from post office?

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    • Gift by Son – Tax implications?

      My son is abroad and I am a senior citizen having no salary income. I have some interest on my saving which is not enough to run my and my family comprising of wife and mother. Besides I have a home loan. My son sends me the deficit amount every month out of interest earned on his savings in India. What would be tax implications on me and my son?

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