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    • Medical Insurance amount paid.Elegible for deduction

      I have filed my ITR last year with your help. This year also I want your help to file the return. I am a pensioner of SBT which is taken over by SBI. My health Insurance is arranged by the bank. Premium is debited to my sb account. Can I claim deduction without producing a receipt from the Insuring company. In the case of all the figures will you be able to prepare the ITR on the basis of figures provided by me.MY pan no is AEOPP6752Q.I am also filing ITR on behalf of my daughter. She stays with her husband most of the time out of India. She has some rental income from house property which she owns jointly with her husband. and also income from share trading. She has PAN and Adhaar no and has been filing return as a resident. I have been signing the ITR on her behalf. Could you prepare the ITR if I send you the income details. Pl reply.

      Profile photo of C.MATHUNNI PANICKER Asked By: C.MATHUNNI PANICKER 4 replies 3 helpful answers Last Updated: 1 month, 3 weeks ago
    • How to treat EPF Withdrawal in Income (less than 5 years of

      I withdrew my EPF in last FY year and had less than 5 years of service. hence, the EPF withdrawal is taxable. However, I have the following questions:
      1) I never took 80C deduction from EPF in my last year return as it used to be mainly covered by PPF and LIC payment. So, is employee contribution taxable? If no, then where am i supposed to declare the employee contribution portion?
      2) I think Employer contribution and interest on employer contribution is taxable and should be shown as salary income. If yes should I show the TAN of previous employer or TAN of EPFO in Schedule S of ITR-2
      3) I also withdrew EPS (employee pension service) money and the EPFO didn’t decuct any TDS on that. Is that taxable or non-taxable. If taxable, then under which head.

      Profile photo of Anuj Asked By: Anonymous 2 replies 2 helpful answers Last Updated: 4 months ago
    • 194J related income tax related in annual income

      my monthly income is 100000 and total annual income is 1200000 which comes under 194J section and they debit 10% TDS. As per income tax slab i come under 30 % according to total income of 12 lakhs. please clarify that should i pay tax as per 30 % slab or no extra tax will be paid as i come under 194 J section for professional fees while filing the returns

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    • Income as per Form 26AS which has not been included in compu

      Received SMS & email intimation from Income Tax Department Central Processing Center saying some Other Sources amount in Variance. This same amount is gathered from my Bank account as Details of Tax Deducted at Source other than salary. I do not have any other source of income, plus I checked my Bank Statement from 1-Apr-2017 to 28-Mar-2018 the interest I received is nowhere near this amount. How to check this issue?

      Asked By: Anonymous 2 replies 1 helpful answers Last Updated: 4 months ago