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    • tax for Unemployed person

      I am unemployed person yet because i’m a students. I don’t any purchase above 2000 rupees per month. I am not selling anything. i fell that wrongly I opened account due to the interest of tax filing procedure on HR block. now I getting unwanted messages from ITD. How can I close???

      Profile photo of Pandiyarajan S Asked By: Pandiyarajan S 1 replies 0 helpful answers Last Updated: 4 days, 5 hours ago
    • I am a Senior citizen(Retired on Feb-2016)

      My age is 62 yrs.I am not working.Kindly let me know what is the ceiling allowed for filing IT returns.Is it necessary to file IT when there is no income from any occupation.If so kindly let me what are documents to be submitted and on which basis the IT is exempted,Kindly send me the details,so that I can collect all the at the earliest and forward to you for further action.

      Profile photo of G.Gunashekar Asked By: G.Gunashekar 2 replies 0 helpful answers Last Updated: 1 month ago
    • Medical Insurance amount paid.Elegible for deduction

      I have filed my ITR last year with your help. This year also I want your help to file the return. I am a pensioner of SBT which is taken over by SBI. My health Insurance is arranged by the bank. Premium is debited to my sb account. Can I claim deduction without producing a receipt from the Insuring company. In the case of all the figures will you be able to prepare the ITR on the basis of figures provided by me.MY pan no is AEOPP6752Q.I am also filing ITR on behalf of my daughter. She stays with her husband most of the time out of India. She has some rental income from house property which she owns jointly with her husband. and also income from share trading. She has PAN and Adhaar no and has been filing return as a resident. I have been signing the ITR on her behalf. Could you prepare the ITR if I send you the income details. Pl reply.

      Profile photo of C.MATHUNNI PANICKER Asked By: C.MATHUNNI PANICKER 1 replies 1 helpful answers Last Updated: 1 month ago
    • Was there any subsidy for education loan in the current budg

      Hi , I have taken a education loan of 4 Lakh for my graduate, now that I have completed my graduation compound interest started on the principal amount , which is alot for a graduate to pay(70 % of my salary Per month). So just wanted to know if there was any subsidy or deduction in the loan interest was there in the current budget? Any information will be helpful.

      Many thanks in advance.

      Profile photo of ved Asked By: ved 1 replies 1 helpful answers Last Updated: 4 months, 1 week ago
    • Help required in Manual Calcuation of Tax

      Hello Team,

      Can someone provide me the manual tax calculation for the below CTC?

      Annual CTC – 1550000

      Basic Pay – 40000 Per Month
      HRA Received – 16000 Per Month
      Rent Paid – 21000 Per Month (Non Metro)
      Sodexo – 24000 (Availing this and it is included in CTC)
      Broadband & Phone – 24000 (Availing this and it is included in CTC)
      PF Deduction – 4800 Per Month

      I know there are lot of tax calculators available in the site.. But I would like to understand in detail so that I believe this manual tax calculation will help me. Thanks in advance.

      Profile photo of Karthick Asked By: Karthick 1 replies 1 helpful answers Last Updated: 4 months, 1 week ago
    • Gift Tax

      Is there any limit to gift I can receive from my relatives which will be tax free. Do relatives also include brother-in-law, cousins etc. or only blood relatives?

      Profile photo of Rahul Kohli Asked By: Rahul Kohli 1 replies 1 helpful answers Last Updated: 4 months, 2 weeks ago