How long is PAN card valid?

Forums General Discussion How long is PAN card valid?

How long is PAN card valid?

What is the validity period of a PAN card? Does it require renewal?

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    What is the validity period of a PAN card? Does it require renewal?

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    PAN card is valid permanent as its name show. To know your PAN card Jurisdictions click here

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    A Permanent Account Number is one of the most important documents in the country today.The most important purpose of allotting PAN to an individual is for the purpose of identification and to track all the related monetary information of that individual.Click here to know your pan status online.

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    PAN card is permanent a/c no.there is no expiery date of PAN card.

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    To know about pan card validity and also you can check the procedure of checking pan is active or not click here to know more about your pan.

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    To check the PAN card validity online, head to the Income Tax e-Filing website, and click on the Know Your PAN button on the left side of the screen.
    On the next page, fill in the requisite details – name, status (individual, company etc.), mobile number, and so on. The mobile number has to be the same as the the one you had registered when filling the PAN card form, as you will receive the OTP on this number for user verification.
    Once all the details are filled, click Submit. On the page that loads next, enter the OTP you receive on the registered phone number.
    If you indeed have multiple PAN card entries matching your details, you will be asked more questions, such as name of the father.
    Once you provide the requisite information, you will be able to check your PAN card validity status, as well as the number of the active PAN card, and its jurisdiction.

    Adrian Gates
    Accounts Manager –

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    PAN obtained once is valid for life-time of the PAN-holder throughout India. It is not affected by change of address or change of Assessing Officer etc.
    No, it does not require any renewal. If at all it is damaged, misplaced or lost you can go for applying the duplicate PAN Card.

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