Forum Guidelines


Welcome to the H&R Block Tax Forum! This is an open forum and anyone who joins the forum is eligible to participate, be it an H&R Block associate or an outsider. This forum is basically to resolve all the tax queries especially for individual salaried taxpayers, GST and other indirect taxes.

You must comply with the following H&R Block policies to make it a better experience for everyone.

First and foremost, treat others with respect. Do your part to ensure everyone has a constructive and positive experience on the Tax Forum. You should aim to be helpful, professional, supportive and knowledgeable.

Additionally, forum members must follow the posting policies listed below. These policies exist to keep the forum healthy, welcoming and useful. Violations of the posting policies may lead to corrective action, up to and including termination of employment. H&R Block also reserves the right to occasionally clean up the forums by removing irrelevant and unconstructive threads and/or posts.


Posting Policies:

  • Do not post messages that are inflammatory, unconstructive, or at odds with the aims of the H&R Block Forums.
  • Do not post the same message in multiple forums.
  • Do not post any unconstructive messages that malign the image of any person/company.
  • Do not post unsolicited messages (including spam).
  • Do not post irrelevant or off topic subject matter.
  • Do not post or link to unapproved 3rdparty web pages.
  • Do not promote or solicit for your own business


Wondering what you should do? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Read and learn! More than anything, forums exist to be an interactive and ever growing resource.
  • Ask questions! It can be to satisfy your own needs for knowledge or to propel a conversation further.
  • Answer questions! Think you know the answer to a peers question? Give it a shot and share your experience.
  • Encourage others! Be free with thank you, good job, and kudos.

We look forward to hearing from you in the forums. See you around!


Do’s and Don’ts on H&R Block TaxForum.



  • Make sure that you contribute, share and exchange knowledge in a manner that is positively beneficial for all at a professional and a personal level.
  • Categorise your questions well in order to get the most apt answers and the information is distributed evenly on the tax Forum.
  • Preferably use the ‘Search’ option first so that you get the answer from the existing repository of answers. Any repetitive content will always get deleted over time.
  • Make sure you refer to the ‘Related Questions’ section when you type your question or search query in order to make sure whether the topic is already discussed.
  • Agree to differ. We are all here to add and share our knowledge on taxes and in doing so we may not agree with each other and this should be done in the right spirit.
  • Do report any abusive content that you come across on the Tax Forum.


  • Do not quarrel with each other. Please make sure that you post messages in a positive manner even if you are faced with diverse views. It is expected that each member of the Forum communicates positively and constructively. Any member using abusive language will be banned from the Forum permanently.
  • Do not post comments like ‘Thank you’, ‘I agree’ or ‘Useful Information’. Instead use the Helpful icon in order to let the user/expert know that you like their post. This would reduce the number of non-value adding content on the Forum. Always make sure that you write some content that is answering a query or adding to the knowledge of the Forum members.
  • Do not post anything that is not free content available on the internet and is not supposed to be used freely. Make sure that the original author is given credit wherever you use original content by them. Remember that you are responsible for the content that is posted in your name and any copyright issues will be your responsibility.
  • Avoid using fake names, derogatory and abusive profile names. Indulging in such activities will attract a permanent ban from being a part of the members of the Forum.
  • Do not share personal information on the Forum page. We do not ask you to share any such information apart from the registration stage and that is strictly confidential. Sharing information on the public pages.

Do not advertise on the Forum. Tax Forum exists only for the purpose of spreading tax knowledge and resolving tax queries.  Posting any link to advertisements of your personal websites will invite a permanent ban.