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    • hosing loan interest deduction on second house

      i have a share in joint property owned by father in law , brother in law and myself, all loans paid and we stay in joint family, now that i have purchased another house property again with my another brother in law, can i claim housing loan interest benefeits in income tax filling

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    • Income tax benefit process and information

      I want to know all about income tax return,i don’t know how to process and where..My home loan is running and the bank provided me tax certificate so please send me all the details from basic points bcoz i have no any idea about this. Regards,Amol pawar.

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    • Home loan interest deduction u/s 24 & 80c

      I have taken a loan from govt. bank for purchase of a residential flat in joint name with my spouse, who is not salaried person having no income and the whole amount of EMI or towards repayment is being paid monthly by me only out of my salary thorough my salary account. Here my spouse is Co-borrower only. Can I claim whole amount towards repayment of loan u/s 24 & 80C alone ? Also the ownership in property documents shows joint name of both the spouse. Please clarify tax rebate for FY 2017-18 in this case.

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    • Tax on cash gifted to Daughter through cheque

      My daughter and son-in-law wants to purchase flat by taking home loan jointly from bank for saving income tax as both are working. I got retired from government service in November 2017 and received retirement benefits. I want to give gift to my daughter for purchasing flat with partial amount (say Rs 20 lakhs) through cheque in her name. Any income tax implication to Father and daughter?

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    • how to claim section 24 Housing loan interest

      I constructed new house by 2015. and i want to claim the interest through section 24. in https://www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in government website i could not find section 24 to enter the interest value. instead of that. i found only 80C and 80 related sections. i am little new to income tax. can someone help me to find section 24 in government eFiling website unsder ITR-1. also i could not fild this section through my company portal.

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    • Home loan interest reimbursement from IT

      Hi Team I forgot to submit the documents for housing loan interest. So full tax deducted from my last two months salary for not submitting Housing loan interest documents. So now I need to reimbursement from IT. Please let me know how much you charge for the same.

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    • HRA benifit

      I have given Power of attorney of my house to my wife, shall I pay rent to her and take benefit of HRA.

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    • New IT rules for home loan benefits

      Hi, I have a house for which I am paying rs4lakh as interest. This is a let out property, rent of RS 5k for month. As per the old home loan rule, I was able to get tax deduction on the entire loan interest. Now the rule how it will affect me.
      Regards, manas

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    • how can i claim the homeloan and HRA?

      Hello Good Evening!

      I am living in another city and bought a flat near to my home town,which is in under construction,not yet handover-ed to me by the builder , My Total EMI is around 32000rs,but BANK has given option to pay only homeloan interest than total EMI, until the flat handover and as per the new income tax rules,if the homelaod,which is first time and less than 25lacs,will i get extra tax exception for this financial year?.

      So Can i claim the homeloan and HRA in this financial year?

      Best Regards,

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