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This is an extremely interactive platform where we exist only to spread awareness on taxes and make taxes simple for you to understand.


What can you do on H&R Block’s TaxForum?


Post your questions on taxes

Understanding taxes was a daunting task even for Einstein. So don’t feel sorry if taxes make you dizzy.

If you have any tax related question in mind, then just do the following:

  • Go to the Forum’s homepage
  • Click on the “Post Your Question” button
  • Fill the query form and “Submit”

Your query will be answered shortly by other members or our in-house tax experts.

If you think that your tax problem can only be cured by a master of taxes, then you can choose to ask your question directly to any tax expert.


Answer a question on taxes wherever you feel you have the knowledge

Don’t shy away from giving your 2 cents wherever you feel that you are expert enough to answer the tax query of your fellow member.


Rate an answer as helpful whenever you find it useful. It will help the person know that he has answered well.

Just like you do on Facebook, do not forget to like an answer posted by your fellow members and let them know that they did a good job and earned some positive karma.


Make sure you answer questions and be active so that your points increase and you get higher star ratings

Don’t just keep asking questions but also keep answering the questions posted by your fellow members to boost your own positive karma. Your answers will increase your points and star rating so that you can win attractive rewards.


Forum Best Practices

Whether you are a seasoned forum veteran, a newbie or somewhere in-between, please keep these simple tips in mind:

  • Before you participate, read the. Be sure you understand what is expected of you as an H&R Block Tax Forum member participating in online forums
  • How to participate:
    • Review the enterprise forums that are currently active. Read the threads (topics) that have been posted and find one that interests you. Ask a question or respond to an existing conversation
    • Help maintain a positive environment. Our online forums are intended to provide with a valuable resource for engaging and collaborating with peers. Feel free to contribute and share but please do so in a constructive manner.
    • When you engage introduce yourself and welcome new visitors. Treat the engagement as you would a phone conversation or an in-person meeting with a co-worker
    • While online forums are often casual and informal in tone, treat it as a professional conversation. Good spelling and grammar are important
    • Its okay to disagree with another associate in a discussion but please do it respectfully. We can all learn and benefit from different perspectives on a topic but the discussion should always be courteous.