At our TaxForum, we not just offer you a platform to resolve your tax queries but also give you opportunities to win attractive prizes.

Here is how you can easily win rewards. Sign up and start asking your queries, posting answers, liking and commenting. All your activities will fetch you points according to our point system. Keep scoring points and you will level up. Levelling up will get you more stars to show off as well as bring you better rewards.


Points system

1 point – when you mark an answer helpful
2 points – when you get your answer marked as helpful
3 points – when you ask a new question
5 points – when you comment/ answer a question
10 points – if you answer a question and it is marked helpful by an expert



1 Star – 1-50 points
2 Star – 50-200 points
3 Star – 200-500 points
4 Star – 500-1000 points
5 Star – 1000 and above


Rewards system

As you earn points and level up you get the following rewards
3 Star level – You unlock Rs. 200 voucher
4 Star level – You unlock Rs. 300 voucher
5 Start level – You unlock Rs. 500 voucher
Once you reach 5 Star level, we will send you all the vouchers totalling up to Rs. 1,000 and also send you a special gift from H&R Block as a memoir.

The above rewards will be given only to the first 100 participants/users who reach the 5 Star level.