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    • ITR – income tax return 2016-17 filing for NRI

      I have following queries Kindly clarify

      1. The cost – i have a referal coupon from Axis bank, but the cost increases if i apply the coupon.
      2. What all documents are needed to file ITR for NRI customer. I have already uploaded the documents and details i have.
      3. I do not have Form 16
      4. Do you need information on tax filed in Germany like my Tax ID?

      Profile photo of Ankit Gupta Asked By: Ankit 17 replies 10 helpful answers Last Updated: 1 week, 1 day ago
    • No response from H&R block ………….

      I have filed My tax with H&R block and its been 10 days, I am following up with H&R block associates but no reply for My email. And they are not answering My call also. I have an question received from IT dept on income adjustment, now the question is how to resolve the issue? I have seen most people facing the same issue in recent days. Please fix all our issue ASAP. We are coming to Tax consultants to avoid mistakes and to take-care of our tax filing till the refund process. But thats not happening here…

      Profile photo of arul rayan Asked By: arul 6 replies 3 helpful answers Last Updated: 2 weeks, 1 day ago
    • Reg ITR 1 for tuition fee under other src

      1. I have mentioned sum of income under other sources as FD interest and tuition fees, in ITR1. Is this right ?
      2. Also, this additional tuition income is not matched against TDS-2. Is that fine? Or Do I need to use ITR2 Thanks Sunil

      Profile photo of sunil Asked By: sunil 2 replies 0 helpful answers Last Updated: 1 month ago
    • Clubbing of income – other options legally

      I have invested FDs ( 20 lacs ) in my spouse name and she got IT notice of non filling of IT returns ( probably got hit > 20 lacs check ). Now I have decided to mention the FDs investment had received as cash gift from her dad to avoid clubbing of income. I hope it suffice. Will IT ask for proof of this cash transaction. Do you ppl have any experience how ‘CPC – Insight’ works say after submit how the process will be?… say manual or automated etc ?…. Also, for the queries on MF investments, I will be mentioning my PAN number as source. P.S: I pay tax of 6 lacs p.a which I feel enough for this bad govt who never provides basic infra to this country and damn care about farmers etc. Plz excuse me.

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    • ITR Filling Income chargeable under the salary(Col3)

      I am Filling ITR 2 Form for AY 2018-19. I am confused about income chargeable under the salary of TDS (18B Details of Tax deducted at Source from Salary)section , What value I should mention in this section? Is it Grass Salary mention in Form 16 i.e. column 1 (Salary Including Continence Allowance) or head Salary mention in Form 16 i.e. column 6 (Salary Excluding Continence Allowance) for IT AY 2018-19. I have declare Continence Allowance income in Exempt section but confused about chargeable under the salary of TDS section

      Profile photo of Ritesh Chaudhari Asked By: Ritesh Chaudhari 1 replies 0 helpful answers Last Updated: 1 month, 2 weeks ago
    • How to take refund of double taxation on RSU in India.

      I was assigned 40 RSU at the time of joining my Indian company for it’s stock listed in U.S, which I sold once vested. On those vested RSU, I was charged 30.9% tax (12 share got deducted) in U.S which was transferred to my company in India to pay to Indian Income Tax Department. I confirmed the same from stock brokerage company eTrade.
      Now, in my form 16-B of FY16-17, the value of remaining stock sold (28 sharess) has been added as perquisites on which tax is again deducted.

      This has lead to double taxation on my stock options.

      Now, I have to submit my ITR for FY16-17 before 31st March for which I need proof that the taxes deducted in US has been submitted to Income Tax Dept. in India.

      How can I do that? I do not see the said tax amount in 24AS or form 16?
      My aim to to get refund or not show the perquisite as taxable income.

      Akash Khandelwal

      Asked By: Anonymous 4 replies 1 helpful answers Last Updated: 2 months, 1 week ago
    • Sec 44ADA clarification needed…………

      I am Resident Indian. Pl Confirm if I am covered under Sec 44ADA for F/Y 2017-18 (A/Y 2018-19), being a Film Actor with less than Rs 20 lakhs Gross income from Actor’s Profession. In addition, I have income from Central Govt Pension / Income from House given on Rent / Capital Gains from sale of Shares STT paid(both short and long term) / Bank Interests on FDR & Savings Bank and interests from Private Company Deposits(TDS deducted & Deposited to Govt a/c). My Total Income (including Actor’s income) is below 50 lakhs

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