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    • claiming refund on already submitted ITR in past

      Hi All,
      I had filed my ITR for the assessment years 2014-15 and 15-16 through some not so knowledgeable person and for the year 2016-17 through H&R block. With correct guidance and support from H&R team, I got a refund from the IT deptt and I am very thankful for the same.
      Though, now I realize that if same calculations where done for the year 14-15 and 15-16 also, I would have got higher returns.
      Is there any method to claim returns now? Please guide.

      Profile photo of Saurabh Gaur Asked By: Saurabh Gaur 3 replies 1 helpful answers Last Updated: 1 day, 5 hours ago
    • How to file HRA which is during my previous concern?

      I have joined ford on Nov 2016 and before that i was working with M&M. I have got the provisional Form 16 from my previous concern in which HRA for Apr-Nov 2016 is not included. So Ford also did not consider the same in final Form 16. So HRA for April-Nov 2016 not captured in Form 16. I have filed my returns last week by considering the missed out HRA as per projection and submitted. What i have done is right or should i need to refile again? Please clarify

      Profile photo of Kadalarasan Asked By: Kadalarasan 1 replies 1 helpful answers Last Updated: 5 days, 1 hour ago
    • How to claim HRA benefits if not already claimed through emp

      I have an HRA component on my payslip. But I could not submit the rent receipts on time and hence my employer deducted additional tax. Is there a way I can claim HRA during filing of returns. I do not see an option to claim HRA benefit while filing for returns, how can this be done. Any help appreciated, thanks.

      Profile photo of Somesh B Asked By: Somesh 1 replies 1 helpful answers Last Updated: 5 days, 2 hours ago
    • Tax Returns with asset sale


      i am working in a software company and recently i sold my property for 56 lakhs ( purchased a land on 2014 dec for 18 lakhs and sold on 2016 October ).. i constructed a house with amount 30 lakhs ( 18 lakhs land + construction 30 lakhs = 58 lakhs ) . So totaly i got losses on this peoperty.

      i paid TDS 56 Thousands during sale.

      so do i need to pay any amount for tax after submitting the tax returns.

      Please let us know


      Profile photo of Bala Gangadhara reddy Asked By: Bala Gangadhara reddy 1 replies 0 helpful answers Last Updated: 6 days, 23 hours ago
    • Reg submission of Actual Proofs after submission of investme

      I have already submitted my Home loan interest/principal proofs through my company. However when the House loan interest rate was revised after that and I could see hike in Home loan interest and principal amount. please suggest what is the process to submitting revised Home loan provisional certificate for Income Tax Return Filing for F.Y. 2016-17 and get tax reimbursement. Thanks

      Profile photo of VijayAnand Asked By: VijayAnand 0 replies 0 helpful answers Last Updated: 1 week ago
    • Tax returns for NRI and Non resident Indian

      I am now working in Saudi Arabia since January 2016 and prior to this i Was working in Mumbai and had filed my IT return for 2016-17 Assessment Year , I hold an NRE/ NRO account with HDFC bank in Mumbai and Bank has provided me FORM No. 16 A for assessment Year 2017-18 and would like to know how to file IT return for assessment Year 2017-18 . My email address is

      Profile photo of Ashish Telang Asked By: Ashish Telang 1 replies 0 helpful answers Last Updated: 1 week, 5 days ago
    • Change of organization in FY & tax filing

      I have joined new organization on 20/03/2017 and it paid my salary in 30/04/2017 with 10 days arrears of March. So does this salary is part of FY 2016-17 or FY 2017-18? My last working day of my previous organization was 17/03/2017. Kindly advise on tax filing.

      Profile photo of Omkar Gaikwad Asked By: Omkar Gaikwad 1 replies 1 helpful answers Last Updated: 4 weeks ago