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    • complaint about processing of ACK no-236581580091017 AY 2017

      Sir I have received sms from TM-ITDCPC on 6th may at 23.24 Hrs “stating that “processing of ACK no-236581580091017 AY 2017-18 for PAN no-AEOxxxxx4H is not completed due to income mismatch . Details are sent to your e mail id. Kindly check and respond “.. I have also been reminded yesterday by TM-ITDCPC on sms at 16.08 hrs to submit my response to the above mail immediately.
      In this connection, it is submitted that Either email dated 6th May has not been received or it has been deleted inadvertantly.
      I therefore request to kindly either forward the mail again or send me the hard copy of details by post, so that I could respond to correct /clarify.
      Regards-SHYAM SUNDER GOYAL ( PAN -AEOPG4324H).

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    • Your return for AY 2017-18 bearing Ack. No. XXXXXXXXXXXX was

      Your return for AY 2017-18 bearing Ack. No. XXXXXXXXXXXX was taken up for processing and on verification it was found that it contains arithmetical errors/ incorrect claims/ inconsistencies with respect to Audit Report /Form 26AS and the same is indicated in the table annexed.

      2. You are required to provide your response to this communication by electronic mode using your account on the e-filing website, wherein a link has been enabled showing the pending actions. If you agree with the differences indicated in the table annexed, a) either fully, or b) partially,

      You may exercise your option of filing a revised return, so that the omissions in the return of income can be completely taken care of within the meaning of section 139(5).

      3. However, you have also been afforded a facility in the e-filing portal to state the extent to which you are in agreement with the difference as indicated in the table. For the disagreed portion, please provide the amount and the reason for such disagreement.

      4. The procedure to provide your response is as follows:

      a) Please log on to www:// with your user ID and password.

      b) Go to E-proceeding tab -> E assessment/proceedings link

      c) In order to submit your response, click on the submit hyperlink under Response column.

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    • Poor service this year……………&#

      I’m a customer of H&R block, India since 2015 and have never faced anything worse than this. I have been requesting for tax summary since 28th March but haven’t received one yet therefore I missed filing the tax return for 2016-17 in March. The Tax consultant allocated to me – Mr. Hemant Bafna is not at all satisfactory and has not been prompt in response. I just called today at 2:15pm and the customer care person (Kunal) says Mr Hemant is in a meeting and others are at lunch. Then I called at 2:40 again and the customer care person (Kunal) tells me that Mr Hemant is busy and will call back at 4:30. I never seem to reach Hemant and he always tells me (in messages) that he tried to reach me and surprisingly I have never spoken to this guy. In the middle to the year last year my tax consultant changed from Pratik to Hemant but I still receive emails on behalf of Pratik. I have earlier worked with other tax consultant like Swati and have received very prompt service. She has formally introduced herself and I genuinely felt that she was their to help reduce my tax liabilities. I have communicated with her on phone so many time for discussion. Its sad that this year I had to change my positive feedback toward H&R block to negative. Infact I moved from taxspanner to H&R block because of the good service and has been recommending my friends too to join H&R block. I also could not get through any email id where I can send my feedback hence writing on this forum to escalate the matter. I want the tax consultant to change. Moreover, I will request the team to incorporate escalation mechanism for customer feedback & service in the account info for each customer. I hope you will take some action.
      Thanks & regards, Saeka

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    • Non cash gift worth rs 6.5 lakhs from employer

      I have received a premium bike from my employer for completing my target worth rs 6.5lakhs,as of now i m not even crossing 20% slab for tax and if i add this 6.5 also my tax slab will be under 20%. How much tax am i liable to pay as per my income slab or is there any flat tax rate??

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    • ITR – income tax return 2016-17 filing for NRI

      I have following queries Kindly clarify

      1. The cost – i have a referal coupon from Axis bank, but the cost increases if i apply the coupon.
      2. What all documents are needed to file ITR for NRI customer. I have already uploaded the documents and details i have.
      3. I do not have Form 16
      4. Do you need information on tax filed in Germany like my Tax ID?

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    • Got e-verification for non-filing of return issue through co

      Pl give me guidance about response to comply e-verification for non-filing of return.

      1) Is there any time limit to respond for e-verification issue for non-filing of return ?

      2) Pl provide help line number for copmpliance portal querry.

      3) In drop down menu for non-filing of return, suppose one opt : ITR has not been filed then give Reason: Return under preparation, then can I able to file return for AY 2016-17 throgh e-filing portal ? can one opt for physical IT return filing ?

      4) For Related information for NIN01 type, suppose one opt: AWARE OF THIS INFORMATION, then do I need to reply “DETAILED RESPONSE” as per sample TEMPLATE with A1 to A8 details ?

      5) what is time limit to file OLD (AY 2016-17) IT RETURN filing ?

      6) what is time limit to file DETAILED RESPONSE under AWARE OF THIS INFORMATION ?

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    • Notice dated 27.04.2018 u/s 142(1) of In come Tax ACT- Time

      I received a notice u/s 148 on 08.06.2016 and the proceedings were lost/ misplaced by the A O and on 07.06.2017 the AO ent two notices one u/s 142(1) r/x 129 and another u/s 143(2) for scrutiny. I requested the reason for the notice and to reopen the earlier proceeding as provided u/s 129 and also got a court direction to follow procedures laid as per GKM driveshaft (India) V ITO. The A O could not give reason or the approval for the notices. on 27.04.2018 the A O sent a notice u/s 142(1) to submit the documents already submitted when the notice u/s 148 was sent. As I have misplaced the documents are submitited the documents already, which the A O has misplaced. My request for the copies of documents are not answered.Please advice me the date of next hearing is 18.04.2018.

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    • Where to mention NSS Withdrawal amount in ITR1?

      Respected Sir/Madam, My father has closed his NSS Account with post office in FY17-18. If I correctly understand this amount is taxable. He submitted Form 15H to the post office so they did not deduct any TDS. My question is if he received say 2 Lacs as lump sum amount, does entire amount of 2 Lacs needs to be shown as income in ITR and under what column? Is it Income from Salary/Pension or Other Sources? Thanking you

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    • Query on Schedule S in ITR-2 for AY 2017-18

      Hi. In Schedule S in ITR-2 for AY 2017-18, one has to provide the breakup of the salary. I observe that for item-6, “Income chargeable under the Head ‘Salaries’ (1+2+3+4-5)”, it is exclusive of HRA & other section 10 deductions. I have filled as required and filed the return. However I got a notice from IT department that income declared under head “Salaries” does not tally with Income credited by employer in form-26AS. (This is obvious, since form-26AS reflects the gross salary credited, whereas Schedule-S in ITR-2 reflects “Income chargeable under the Head ‘Salaries’” which is always lesser than the gross income.) How to overcome this problem ?

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    • There is inconsistency between salary income in return and F

      I received following notice from income tax. Income as per Form 26AS which has not been included in computing the total income in the return-143(1)(a)(vi) 1 Salary Income 893247 1054099 160852 There is inconsistency between salaryincome in return and Form 26AS
      I saw that on my 26AS and in form 16(PART A) given by employer, income shows as 1054099 but i have already submitted proofs of HRA to employer and form 16(PART B) given by employer also includes HRA, convence allowence and internet bills and income under head salaries (3-5) comes to 893247 which is exactly the salary income in my return (ITR2). Not sure how to respond to this query. Do I have to specify HRA, LTA already claimed that are also considered in Form16(B) to ITR2.?

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    • Sec 44ADA clarification needed…………

      I am Resident Indian. Pl Confirm if I am covered under Sec 44ADA for F/Y 2017-18 (A/Y 2018-19), being a Film Actor with less than Rs 20 lakhs Gross income from Actor’s Profession. In addition, I have income from Central Govt Pension / Income from House given on Rent / Capital Gains from sale of Shares STT paid(both short and long term) / Bank Interests on FDR & Savings Bank and interests from Private Company Deposits(TDS deducted & Deposited to Govt a/c). My Total Income (including Actor’s income) is below 50 lakhs

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    • SALARY of LWP shown in 26 AS, mismath of Salary income

      I was on LWP (Leave without Pay) for 3 months during same year. But My employer mentioned my regular salary in 26 AS form for those month also. So I received notice showing mismatch in salary. I have form number 16 provided by my employer which corelates with my actual deducted salary on which base I filed retun. Now, which option to select in e-assessment and how to reply? Please guide. (Should i check the option “INCORRECT INCOME REPORTED BY DEDUCTOR”?

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